How to Embed Your Chart in Notion

How to Embed Your Chart in Notion

How to Embed Your Chart in Notion


Embedding your Notion2Charts chart in Notion allows you to display the chart directly in your Notion workspace and keep all your data in one place. This guide will walk you through the process of embedding your chart in Notion.

Step 1: Create and Customize Your Chart

To embed a chart in Notion, you first need to create and customize the chart in Notion2Charts. Follow the steps in the "Creating Your First Chart on Notion2Charts: A Step-by-Step Guide" article to create and customize your chart.

Step 2: Enable Public Sharing

Once you have finished customizing your chart, click on the "Copy link" button at the top right of the chart builder page. This will allow you to enable public sharing and generate an embed link that can be used to display the chart in Notion.

Step 3: Copy the Embed Link

After enabling public sharing, you will see your shareable link. Click on โ€œcopyโ€ to copy the embed link.

Step 4: Paste the Embed Code in Notion

Open your Notion page where you want to embed your chart. Click on the "Embed" button in the toolbar, then paste the embed code you copied earlier into the embed code field.

Step 5: Adjust Size and Position

After pasting the embed code, you can adjust the size and position of the chart by dragging the corner handles or by entering the dimensions in the size fields.

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